XY250GY-2 Enduro

Mar 9, 2013

Update from Derk (UK)

Update from Derk (from Derking around Oz fame)
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Posted by: admin
Subject: hello every body derk calling from the uk

How's it going in Oz I am waiting for spring to turn up,just had enough of the wet winter here  in the UK . Shoulder area is all healed up eventually but I might need an operation to plate the collar bone (waiting on a visit to consultant bone doctor). Not managed to register the  XY250 as yet , not been bothered due to shoulder, UK weather and the fact that I need a Certificate of comformity to say that it complies with UK laws . Can you do me a favour  and check whether or not you have a cert of conformity for my bike and if not would it be  possible to find where i might obtain one. (Post-Script - supplied)

When the bike arrived after long sea journey I unpacked put some petrol in the tank reconnected the battery and the bike started first time. I regularly start the bike, starts fine but just needs choke until warmed  up .


When get the Enduro on the road , I'll be going to the mountains of Wales there is some lovely offroad trails ( greenlanes ) and no corrugations.  Still thinking about riding the bike back to Oz and I have had the maps out main sticking points so far journey wise is the middle east and China.

Well that's me done for now of to bed 2,o'clock in the morning here.....all the best Derk

P.S. Hope you (are) all fit and well in Zuma land