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Wed, 20 Mar 2013 16:43:08 +1100 at 16.43 by: admin
Cape York to Cairns - a turn for the worse

It was with great disappointment to report that Derks trip struck disaster on the return leg from Cape York to Cairns.

At 5pm Monday 31st July, 16km north of Musgrave, QLD Derk hit a mound of dirt (or a hole full of bull dust) on the Peninsula Development Road causing him to lose control and fall heavily, sustaining serious injuries.
Fortunately Derk was able to activate his SPOT GPS beacon the same unit from which we have been posting the co-ordinates from for the last 8 reports.

He was picked up by helicopter and flown to Cairns Base hospital in a stable condition, were he has been diagnosed with a broken shoulder blade, collar bone, punctured lung and five broken ribs. This is a major blow for Derk who embarked on a once in a life time trip to see as much of Australia as is possible in 6 months.

By phone from his hospital bed he vowed to continue his journey as soon as he felt better. We hope the injuries mend fast and he can continue the adventure.

 P.S. Derk already provided Zuma® a list of parts that is required to mend the Shineray XY250, so till our next post or as Derk would say bye for now.

Check out News items on this site for an update from Derk - still recovering but still dead keen to keep riding his X2 Enduro.

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