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Tenterfield, NSW to Maryborough, QLD - 20th June 2012

Derking Around Oz on an XY250 Enduro



16 June 2012 - Torbul, QLD

The ride up from Noosaville to Inskip Point was 60km of sandy beach and trail riding where the thermatic fans come into there own keeping engine temperature in check.


Fuel consumption figures for the Shineray X2 Enduro on sand recorded an outstanding 35km to the litre at speeds up to 80kph. Highway fuel consumption figures at 110kph returned a respectable 25km to the litre.

Inskip Point Qld  - 18/06/12


GreatSandyNational Park Qld  -  17/06/12

Tyre pressures about 12-15.p.s.i as opposed to 30 p.s.i. road - it's that easy and off you go

Derk and his SHINERAY X2 Enduro are at Maryborough Qld after camping over night at Inskip Point Qld (see above) near the southern point of Fraser island.

Derk then rested for a  two day break in Maryborough before setting off to Cape York.

Maryborough Qld  -  20/06/12

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