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Setting off 9th June 2012

Back on 9th June 2012 we received a visitor from the UK (Isle of Wight) who had pre-purchased an XY250GY-2 Enduro from us for his dream trip - to travel around Australia over the following 6 months. Derk arrived off the plane at Mascot in Sydney, caught a train down to the Illawarra to a nearby train station and ‘bags and all’ turned up with a tent and his wallet ready to pick up his new bike. He spent the first day or two sorting out Rego & Insurance & accommodation (no need to do this stuff in advance, would be too much like planning ahead) and then the next week buying gear, building a custom rack with secondary battery chargers for running Laptop, phone charger and anything else you can think of, and NOT finding the local Bunnings store. After setting up his FindMeSpot Satellite GPS messenger and logging a blog on the FindMeSpot website, registering the SIM on his new phone on Saturday 9th June he set off. Well almost set off first we had to take photos at Sandon Point, get some afternoon tea and a sit in the sun for a few hours and then off on an adventure (oh, via a family gathering at Woronora Sydney…) and then off……what next?



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